What is hyperglass?

hyperglass is an open source looking glass application to provide customers, peers, and partners of network operators with unattended visibility into the operator's network.

Yet Another Looking Glass?

Many of the more popular open source looking glass applications are written in PHP or Perl, languages infrequently used by many network engineers today. With the widespread adoption of network operations tooling such as Netmiko, Netbox, and NAPALM, Python is most often the language of choice for network operators. hyperglass is built completely on Python 3 and utilizes user-friendly configuration files to provide a highly customizable, easy to deploy looking glass app.

hyperglass was created with the lofty goal of benefiting the internet community at-large, by providing an easier and more familiar way for operators to provide looking glass services to their customers, peers, and partners.

Application Stack

Function Component
Front End Framework Bulma
Front End Application Flask
Back End Application Python 3
Device Connection Handling (SSH) Netmiko
Device Connection Handling (REST) Requests
Configuration Format TOML

Get Started

See the installation guide to get started.